We recently helped some first time cottage buyers negotiate and move into their cottage within just a few weeks. They just returned from a week at the cottage and had some amazing things to say. We are so blessed to work with amazing clients, we wanted to share this with you.

“Heather and Jenn helped us find a cottage in Muskoka this year. They quickly figured out what type of property would suit our family and what locations were feasible within our budget. They showed us a range of cottages that helped us order our priorities and understand where we comfortable compromising and what factors were must haves. they we’re patient and showed us a dozen properties till we were comfortable making an offer.

They gave us realistic advice on cottage values that helped us walk away from the first property we made an offer on after negotiations failed. They helped us find another cottage and negotiate a fair deal that we are very happy with. When it came time to closing they went the extra mile to negotiate repairs with the vendors and check that everything was completed properly before settlement.

We spent all last week at the cottage. We love it, we have well and truly found our spot. The neighbours have three kids and there are a few more at the big family cottage on the point. They took our kids out tubing. We found a trail to another lake and I think there is a trail right around the lake. The running is great and so is the biking. We are really happy. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heather and Jenn to anyone Buying or Selling Real Estate in Muskoka.”       P & L

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